Some words about me...
Many years ago, back in 1984, my math teacher at school showed to me the first micro-computer that my eyes saw. After spending an entire afternoon at the rubber keys of this little wonderfull Spectrum 48k, all my efforts were dedicated to acquire a micro for my own. Finally I managed to buy a second hand Spectrum 16k (my 15 years old economy did not allow for more kilobytes...).
With this fantastic machine I discovered the fascinating world of programming. Since these years I have been making small little programs, games and applications, without any professional ambition, simply for the fact that I like to create them, for the enjoyment of anyone who wants to try them.

My different works along the time, never left me too much time to dedicate to code, so I'm not a prolific developer. I made some small programs on the Spectrum while learning Basic (text adventures, animations ...), followed by some other programs on PC-MsDOS and Windows (shooters, strategy, mazes games...). Most of these programs and games don´t exited from my personal circle of family and friends. I´ll make a section on this website, with pictures and downloads of some of these creations, in the case of anyone feels interested in seeing them.

In 2012 I began to get involved into the world of Android mobile devices, and I started publishing my creations on Google Play. Currently I publish to Android, iOS, Kindle Fire and Windows Phone.
The game systems OUYA, M.O.J.O. and Razer ForgeTV also receive games created by me.

All my creations are available to everyone and you can find them in the app stores for each device (Google Play, Amazon Appstore, WindowsPhone, OUYA, Cortex ....) and also at this website you can find direct links to them.

Underground Developments is the name I´m using now to sign the software, games and apps that I´ll creating from now, but formerly I signed as Syknarf Software the developments I made.

Thanks for visiting my web.
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